eligibility criteria

Applied Data Incubator is funded by the European Social Fund and the State of Berlin.

Given that our program is 100% publicly funded, the following eligibility criteria must be satisfied. Please read them carefully below:

1. Residency situation:

  • You must be a resident of Berlin, at the start of the program 

  • For Non-Europeans, you need to obtain the appropriate visa allowing you to stay in Germany for, at least, the time of the program. 

Note: A visa with a work permit (‘Erwerbstätigkeit erlaubt’) OR a job-seeker visa valid for the whole program time is required. The student visa is NOT accepted. The process of obtention might take longer than 6 weeks!  

2. Revenue:

  • You have not or are not receiving any other public or private subsidies/grants, such as EXIST or Berliner Startup Stipendium.  

  • As the program is a full-time commitment, you must not carry any other positions (e.g. part-time or full-time employment) and must not receive any other significant revenue than the scholarship grant for the time of the program. 

3. Degree, team and occupation:

  • You have a university degree.

  • You are not currently enrolled at a university (master, PhD, other specialization)

  • You need to be a first-time entrepreneur; we do not accept entrepreneur rockstars.

  • You need to apply with a team of two to four people that are eligible for the program. Note: You can have ‘extra’ team members that do not join the incubator as well.  

  • You have the time to commit to the program for at least 40 hours a week. No large side-projects accepted and can commit to the full length of the program (6 months).

4. If you have ALREADY incorporated your idea into a company:

  • Your company must not have received significant equity investment that influences your full control over the company. Note: Prize-money from private and public competitions – regardless of the amount – is accepted.

  • The company does not generate significant revenues.

  • If your company has already been incorporated in Berlin, the date of the business registration (Gewerbeanmeldung) should not be older than 3 months on the day of receipt of your completed application on f6s.com. This must be proven by the trade license (Eintrag in das Handelsregister). 

  • If you have incorporated the company outside of Berlin, you must locate your head office in Berlin.

  • Your idea is applicable for the German/European market.

5. If you have NOT YET incorporated your idea into a company:

  • You must have already discussed the envisioned shareholding structure between the founders.

  • You must be ready to found a company in Berlin during the time of the program.

  • Your idea is applicable for the German/European market.